Correlation between Hypothyroidism and Systemic Arterial Blood Pressure: A Case–Control Study

  • A. B. Baskar Government Medical College, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • R. Venkatesan Government Medical College, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Diastolic blood pressure, Hypothyroidism, Mean arterial pressure, Pulse pressure, Serum thyroid-stimulating hormone level, Systolic blood pressure


Background: Hypothyroidism has been known to be associated with changes in systemic arterial blood pressure. Diastolic blood pressure (DBP) is known to be elevated causing proportionate reduction in pulse pressure.
Aim: The aim of the study is to find out the correlation between systolic blood pressure (SBP), DBP, pulse pressure (PP), and mean arterial pressure of hypothyroid patients and normal individuals.
Materials and Methods: This case–control study was conducted in Government Rajaji Hospital attached to Madurai Medical College, Madurai. Twenty-five hypothyroid subjects were enrolled for the study (study group) from the department of endocrinology and metabolism. Twenty-five normal subjects who were age and sex matched with the study group were enrolled for the study (control group). Serum thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels were estimated in all the subjects. Arterial blood pressure was recorded in all the subjects in the sitting posture and the results obtained. The results are tabulated and analyzed by applying unpaired “t” test.
Results and Conclusion: Among the blood pressure parameters, only PP showed a positive correlation between the study group and control group. SBP, DBP, and mean arterial blood pressure showed no significance.

Author Biographies

A. B. Baskar, Government Medical College, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India

Associate Professor, Department of Physiology

R. Venkatesan, Government Medical College, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India

Associate Professor, Department of Physiology


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