Hernia of Morgagni in Adults: Atypical Presentations

  • K Y Santosh Kumar
  • Milind H Iddalagi Kannur Medical College, Kannur, Kerala, India
Keywords: Atypical presentation, Hernia of Morgagni, Prompt surgery


Background: Foramen of Morgagni hernias is rare diaphragmatic hernias, usually occurring on the right side and located
in the anterior mediastinum because of the retrosternal location of the foramen of Morgagni.Adult patients diagnosed with a
foramen of Morgagni hernia are usually asymptomatic. Although most remain asymptomatic, some patients develop symptoms
of dyspnea, cough, sternal pain, and bowel obstruction depending on the extent of the hernia. The hernia usually contains
omentum, bowel (colon), and sometimes liver.
Materials and Methods: We present three adult patients one presenting with dyspnea, the second presenting with acute
intestinal obstruction, and the third patient was diagnosed to have the hernia on routine investigations.
Conclusion: Clinical awareness of atypical presentations and diagnostic difficulties might help in prompt diagnosis and early
surgical treatment of this otherwise potentially fatal disease.

Author Biographies

K Y Santosh Kumar

Associate Professor,

Milind H Iddalagi, Kannur Medical College, Kannur, Kerala, India

Assistant Professor, Department of General Surgery,


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